A5 Digital Zine | WerkHaus Zine - Issue 1 The Artificial

  • A5 Digital Zine | WerkHaus Zine - Issue 1 The Artificial

Issue 1 - The Artificial

Digital A5 full colour zine featuring work by 23 photographers, delivered in high quality PDF format via email.

Issue 1, The Artificial, features artists from around the world working in a wide range of photographic genres, including documentary, constructed scenes and collage. It offers a global view of photography now. Of what our lives and places look like, of how we are responding to our current world and political climate.

Each artist interpreted the theme in different ways, from the presentation of self and identity through to the artificiality of landscape. In putting this collection together we hope to provide a space for all different types of photographic practice and people. Our aim is to connect with and support the photography community and to share great work.

WerkHaus Zine is produced and edited by Kat Huber, Lee Gavin and Becky Morris Knight.

50% of proceeds from the sales of digital copies of WerkHaus Zine will go to Accumulate, the art school for the homeless.